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Start Your Warm Up - The Rest Takes Care Of Itself

Everyone knows the feeling of not wanting to train some days. Maybe you've had a rough day or maybe you had a bad night's sleep. Whatever the reason, sometimes you simply don't feel up to training by the time you arrive at the gym or field. This is becoming an even greater issue with COVID-19 restricting so many people to their homes.

Alot of regular gym-goers use the gym itself as the motivation. That is their space, their place to train, make friends, feel good about themselves, and really fix their day or week and make it feel better.

And now, for the time being, that space is no longer available. You have to train at home or at a local field. This can cause feelings of being 'flat' and struggling with switching out of a home mindset and into a training one.

Bands are a great warm up tool.

Sometimes this is unavoidable. Sometimes you genuinely have so much going on in your life or you are so fatigued that it is safest and smartest to have a day off training.  But MOST of the time there is a simple way to shake through this problem.


Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes of warm up activity. Get on the bike, get out the skipping rope, just get moving. If you complete your full warm up and still don't feel like training, then you might have yourself one of those days where you shouldn't train. But I can almost guarantee that once you have done your warm up you will be in a training headspace. You'll be out of that home mindset you felt bogged in just 10 minutes ago and you will be ready to perform and shake off the sluggishness of the day or the mood you were in.

Make the deal with yourself. If you don't feel like training, you have the option to skip today's session, but the price is the warm up. Do the warm up to earn the choice. 9 times out of 10, you'll choose to train and you'll feel massively better for doing so.

Stay safe, strong and healthy. Jarrod

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