My name is Jarrod Free and I have been a strength and conditioning coach since 2013.  I have extensive experience improving the performance of elite athletes ranging from NRL players through to aerial circus performers and martial artists.  I currently operate as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canberra Raiders SG Ball squad alongside my time at Beast Mode PT, and I'm passionate about bringing elite high performance training to Canberrans.  The results and achievements of my athletes and clients are why I am so passionate about athletic development, and I put every ounce of my efforts and energy into every person I train.

My methods are based on the scientific principles of athletic development, focusing on providing the individual with the greatest possible performance and movement improvements.  I do not hand out the same program over and over again, but will work with you to determine how to best work with you, your experience, and your current abilities to improve all the key aspects of athleticism.
I am equally passionate about training elite athletes and everyday people with a drive to succeed and improve.  I believe that everyone should have access to specialised and individualised coaching, and I am proud to be part of the movement towards true athletic development in an age where quick-fixes are all too common.

My qualifications include a Master of High Performance Sport, Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Exercise Science, accreditation as a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach in both Australia and the USA (ASCA and NSCA), State Olympic Weightlifting and Sports Power Coach, and certified anthropometrist (skinfolds & body composition measurements).

I also understand the mindset of athletes, having competed for NSW and Australia at the 2019 TRL State of Origin and World Cup.

I'm always excited to meet new people committed to training or ready to make a start on their athletic development, so if you'd like to be coached by me, send an email to or fill out one of the contact forms throughout this website. 


Master of High Performance Sport

Canberra Raiders SG Ball S&C Coach

Bachelor of Sport Coaching & Exercise Science

Bachelor of Sport Management

ASCA Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach

AWF State Weightlifting Coach

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