Gym & Training

Beast Mode PT currently operates at Func Fitness in Mitchell, Canberra (67 Vicars Street).  This is a private facility including only Func Fitness and Beast Mode PT members, with a strong culture of support, effort and respect.

Showers and change rooms are available on-site, with plenty of free parking in the area.

Your sessions at Beast Mode PT are yours.  No split sessions, split groups or divided attention.  You receive all of your coach's attention, support and expertise, and every single aspect of your sessions are built around your history, abilities and ambitions.

Beast Mode PT sessions are booked for a full hour, with times being discussed between member and coach.

Training is programmed to provide you the best chance to develop and grow, with everything planned and periodised by your expert coach.  No sessions are ever copied and pasted at Beast Mode PT.  Everything is developed from the ground up for YOU.


Private Coaching

Home Coaching

Team Coaching

The premium coaching experience, helping you on your journey with 1-on-1 attention and support.

Available in a 1-on-1, 2-on-1 or small group options, Private Coaching is the bread-and-butter of what we do at Beast Mode PT.

Home Coaching includes our various distance coaching services, perfect for training from home while still receiving expert 1-on-1 coaching and support.  Options include coaching via video link, health and fitness consultations and long-term programming for general training through to performance and rehabilitation.

Jarrod has coached groups and teams ranging from young to old and amateur to elite professionals, in facilities ranging from public fields to high performance facilities, so your club or group will be in great hands.

Results driven, science backed and experience proven coaching will get the best out of your group.  One-off sessions through to long term planning and high performance consulting are available.